Thought I’d officially wrap up the year with a review of the favorite five pieces of artwork I created in 2022, presented in no particular order, aside from how I feel about their relative quality at the moment I’m writing this.

5. My Wedding Invitation Portrait

Are these portraits perfect? Nope. But I feel like I nailed the style, got to really watercolor paint for the first time in Photoshop, and this painting obviously holds huge sentimental value for me, so it HAD to make the list.

4. Jack Skellington

This is the last project I completed in 2022, just in time for Christmas, and so new that it doesn’t even hasn’t even made it to my portfolio yet. Aside from just generally really liking how it turned out, I’ve included this sculpt because It’s a project I had to save. Originally intended to be completed for Christmas 2021, I had to put it on the back burner once I realized I had completely botched his head and hands (the original skull actually made it into a pirate octopus diorama made by my daughter). So I returned to it in December, regrouped and refocused, and knocked out a head I was proud of, refinished the base, and put together two hands that I could accept 😉

3. Why Not Both?

For my annual return into my Bad Apples collection, I pushed the 3D element further than usual, this time using sculpey clay (what I use for almost all my sculpture work). It must be affective, because my daughter still thinks the ketchup and mustard looks real. Still need to make a print of this guy though…

2. Trick ‘r Treater #1: The Headless Horseboy

Coming from a similar situation as Jack Skellington, this ink and watercolor painting sat in my closet (even making a home move unfinished) for 2 years after I missed finishing it for Halloween 2020. This year, I learned my lesson, brushed the dust off of it in September, and finished it in time for the holiday. I can’t wait to add to this series every October, and I can’t wait to see which little monster walks down the sidewalk this Halloween!

1. Spongebob Squarepants

Quite simply, this is the best sculpture I’ve ever made, and might be the best thing I’ve ever made period. One of my art goals for 2023 is to bring this level of quality and detail into everything I create.


My next post (coming Friday the 13, appropriately enough) should include some new developments for at least a couple of ongoing projects.

First up, I’m getting close to finishing this illustration that I started at the end of 2022. Its idea originated in March of 2021, and I’m more than ready to see it finally finished. I’m at the point now where all I need to do is finish laying in the lighter values, shadows, highlights, effects, and final texture. Well, that sounds like a lot, and it probably is, but it should move much faster than the work has that got me to this point.

Year of the Ring

As per usual for me, I way overplanned and overscheduled 2022 to work on Year of the Ring character designs. I’ve cut those plans to a more focused and finishable project scope, and I’ll keep working on it throughout 2023. As of now, I’ve got this ink drawing of Gimli ready for color, and another sketch to be finished and inked this coming weekend.